Monday, December 9, 2013

Assassin's Creed Pirates - mobile cheat

Hello Ubisoft has launched the mobile game Assassin's Creed Pirates as for me it is a stripped down version of the game AC - Black Flag. Possibly the game is not such a hit I expected and maybe even want to earn more money to start a new project. hmm ... All options are possible but certainly the price it will have to spend for AC - Pirates is about $ 5 a lot than much compared for example to Final Fantasy after years [about 17 $]. What gives us this game so be embodied by the captain of the ship and grabs an active part in many sea battles. Regarding Plot is our hero is called Alonzo Batilla and is going to find the legendary treasure of the pirate Olivier Levasseur.

Before Christmas we have a present for you so hack to play AC - Pirates. The program was created compiled on the basis of a hack to play AC - Black Flag. So there will be any problems with it. This is version 1.6 that offers us to increase our resources in the game of Coins, Books, Wood and Supplies. Are you satisfied? : D As usual method of connecting the machine is the same so it will not be discussed again but I will send you to other posts. Regards.

Assassin's Creed Pirates hack v1.6

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